A Cultural Tour of Central India including the major sites of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

28 January - 14 February 2011

It was good to be back in India, five years after our memorable tour of the South. This time, our large, but cohesive, group of seven nationalities followed a twisting course from Delhi, via Varanasi, through various sites in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra less familiar to the Western tourist, to our terminus in Mumbai. We were treated to a rich and wondrous fare of temples, monasteries, rock carvings and caves, palaces, forts, stupas, mosques, tombs, sculptures and bas-reliefs, elegant wall and ceiling paintings, and much else, variously of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Moslem provenance. They spanned millennia which saw count- less waves of invaders from the north-west clashing with, and sometimes subjugating, the indigenous inhabitants, who lived in hundreds of small kingdoms perpetually at war with each other. To unravel this complexity, we were fortunate in having an outstandingly good and popular Indian chief guide.

Madhya Pradesh

22 APR


Postponed until later in the year. Political quietism in Islamic societies: a neglected tradition?

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