Storytelling in Tajikistan: Tradition and Modernity – Anisa Sabiri


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An RSAA lecture with Anisa Sabiri.

Anisa Sabiri, a Tajik UK-based filmmaker and producer, will draw on her extensive personal experience to examine the obstacles faced by Tajik artists as they attempt to find a distinctive cultural voice on local and international creative scenes. She will highlight the opportunities that lie in re-engaging with indigenous storytelling methods.

Sabiri advocates for a reimagined Central Asian narrative, one that positions the region not as a colonial periphery but as a central force in its own storytelling and cultural output. As an advocate for making creative practices in Tajikistan and Central Asia more accessible, egalitarian, and free from colonial legacies, Sabiri is deeply involved in fostering collaborative networks across Central Asian arts and education sectors. Her commitment to the arts extends to her role in developing horizontal-based networks and her active participation in international discussions, including those at the European Film Market and UNESCO among others. This talk is an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of Central Asian culture through the lens of an artist who is at the forefront of redefining its narrative in the global context.