Liberty and Safety in Xinjiang: a Zero Sum? – Dr Chi Zhang, Professor James Millward and Dr Pablo Rodriguez-Merino


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An RSAA panel discussion with Dr. Chi Zhang, Professor James Millward and Dr. Pablo Rodriguez-Merino, moderated by Martin Purbrick.

In recent years China’s policy towards the Uyghur people in Xinjiang has caused deep concern in western countries, has led to new political and trade frictions, and is currently casting a shadow over the Beijing Winter Olympics. In this remote and culturally distinct region, two and a half thousand miles from Beijing, the Chinese government perceives a threat to its security to which it has responded with measures that have shocked many people around the world.

This panel will seek to illuminate better China’s reasons for reacting as it has and discuss what has happened and why. The panel will discuss the nature of the crackdown on what seems to be most of Uyghur society and how this relates to Chinese Communist Party strategies for governing.