22 May 2024 – Mongolia’s Place in the World


A members only in-person lecture by Professor David Sneath at the Embassy of Mongolia. 

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We are very grateful to the Embassy of Mongolia for their generous hosting of this event

Trapped between two geopolitical heavyweights, Mongolia is forced to walk a diplomatic and economic tightrope to maintain its critical supply of fuel from Russia in the north, and other essential goods and resources from China in the south. The implementation of structural reforms since its transition to multiparty democracy, in the early 1990s, has left Mongolia with a stable economy and a strong, vibrant democracy in a region known for autocracy.

Since 2000, Mongolia has pursued a multi-pronged foreign policy aimed at reducing reliance on any one country, this has meant developing close strategic, military and economic ties with key regional states including Japan, India, China, Russia and the USA. Despite its efforts Mongolia still remains heavily dependent on its autocratic neighbours with the invasion of Ukraine highlighting the precariousness of its geopolitical position. Not committing to condemn Russian aggression nor the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West and trying to navigate China’s position on the conflict has opened Mongolia’s eyes to the potential for complex maneuvering ahead as the West, Beijing and Moscow drift ever further apart.

Event Details

Date: 22 May 2024

Start time: 19:00 BST

Venue: Embassy of Mongolia, 8 Kensington Court, W8 5DL