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What is Happening to Kazakhstan?

What is Happening to Kazakhstan?

A panel discussion chaired by Peter Frankopan, 14 January 2022, 14.00

We are very pleased to join with The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs in presenting a panel discussion on the recent turbulent events in Kazakhstan and their domestic and international contexts. 

Professor Peter Frankopan (@PeterFrankopan), the President of the RSAA, will chair the discussion.  Among our panelists will be:

HE Ambassador Erlan Idrissov has had a long and distinuished career as Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan 1999-2002,  Ambassador to the UK 2002-7, Ambassador to the US 2007-12,  Foreign Minister 2012-2016 and Ambassador to the UK again since 2017.

Joanna Lillis (@joannalillis), a Kazakhstan-based journalist reporting on Central Asia whose work has featured in the Guardian, The Economist and the Independent.  She is the author of Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan 

Kate Mallinson (@Kate_Mallinson1) is an Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme @ChathamHouse and Managing Director of PRISM Political Risk Management and a member of the Board of Advisors at University College London

Raushan Zhandayeva (@zhandayeva) is a Kazakh researcher and a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at George Washington University. She is the co-author, with Alimana Zhanmukanova, of “Kazakhstan’s Instability has been building for Years”, an article in @ForeignPolicy

Alimana Zhanmukanova (@Alimana_A) is is an independent Kazakh researcher who focuses on politics and security in Central Asia, currently with @UNmigration. She is the co-author, with Raushan Zhandayeva, of “Kazakhstan’s Instability has been building for Years”, an article in @ForeignPolicy

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