22 MARCH 2016

NOW ON: Uyghur: People on the Edge of China

The city of Kashgar lies on China’s far western frontier. Closer to Istanbul than Shanghai, it is both literally and metaphorically thousands of miles from China’s eastern seaboard. The majority of its inhabitants are from the Uyghur ethnic minority, a Muslim, Turkic people with their own language and a long history. Recent years have seen massive government-encouraged investment in Xinjiang, the province in which Kashgar is located. As companies from the east have moved in, so too have migrants from the rest of China looking for work. These photographs offer a glimpse into a people and a region undergoing rapid and drastic change.

Adam Bradshaw is a recent graduate of the University of Sheffield, where he gained a joint honours degree in Chinese Studies and History. As part of his studies he spent one year at the University of Nanjing, when he used the opportunity to travel and indulge in his passion for photography. He is particularly interested in the construction and perception of identity.

Arthur Probsthain is one of the leading Oriental and African booksellers in the world. For over a hundred years they have offered books on art, music, film religion, languages and culture from Africa, the Middle East and across Asia. The main shop near the British Museum also has a gallery and the Tea and Tattle tea room. A second shop near the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) specialises in academic books.

For more information regarding the exhibition contact: Uyghurexhibit@gmail.com

Opening hours: Mondays – Fridays 9.30am till 5.30pm, Saturdays 12.00pm till 4.00pm, closed Sundays

27 SEP


Under the Same Shade: Three Years of Working on the Roof of the World

Where: The Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 (Nearest tube stations Euston Square and Euston mainline).

Lecture starts at 1.15pm and finishes by 2.30pm. The sandwich lunch, from 12.30pm, must be booked by 2.30pm the day before.

Tickets: Free

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