With the Younghusband Tibet-Expedition 1903-4. The unpublished diary of Lt. Harvey-Kelly.

  A lecture by Dr Christoph Baumer, Academic

6 December 2017

Where: 1.15pm at the Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly. NB: NO LUNCH AVAILABLE at this lecture.

Tickets: Members and their guests only

Lt. Col. Harvey St. George Hume Harvey-Kelly (1880-1946) participated as lieutenant in the Tibet-Expedition dispatched by Viceroy Curzon and later served in India, Burma (1909-1917), north-western Persia (1919-21) and Waziristan (1923). The lecturer obtained very recently access to Harvey-Kelly’s unpublished and unknown diary of the Tibet-Expedition, private letters and his photo albums; the diary reveals partly unknown aspects of the Younghusband Expedition. The lecture will be illustrated with Harvey-Kelly’s own photographs and from the album of another participant, Major MacCarthy Reagh Emmet Ray, Intelligence Officer of the expedition. The lecture will be embedded in the perspective of the final phase of the Anglo-Russian “Great Game”, called by Russian foreign minister Count Nesselrode a “tournament of shadows”.

23 JAN


Iran, the USA and the politics of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action)

Where: Medical Society of London, Lettsom House, 11 Chandos Street, London W1G 9EB

Lecture starts at 1.15pm. There is a sandwich lunch available at 12.30pm which must be booked through the office by 2.30pm on Monday 21 January

Tickets: Free

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