Drought and instability in the Middle-East

Speaker: Dr Ashfin Shahi

10 April 2019

Where: 1.15pm at Medical Society of London, Lettsom House, 11 Chandos Street, London W1

Dr Afshin Shahi is a senior lecturer in Middle East politics and International Relations at Bradford University. He obtained both his MA and Ph.D. from School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University.

Prior to joining the Department of Peace Studies and International development in 2013, he worked at the universities of Durham and Exeter. In 2018 he was a visiting research fellow at the European University Institute in Florence. He is a multilingual scholar and his research interests encompass sectarianism and the politics and security of the Middle East, with a particular focus on political Islam. His articles have appeared in scholarly outlets including the Middle East Journal, the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and the Journal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs. He is the author of the Politics of Truth Management in Saudi Arabia (Routledge,2013) and the co-author of a forthcoming book, Iran: the Shia State and the Sunni Minority.

He is a council member for the British Society for Middle East Studies as well as associate editor of the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. He is a regular contributor to national and global media outlets including the BBC and Aljazeera. His opinion pieces have appeared in various publications including Forbes magazine, Foreign Policy magazine, and Conversation.  He also actively works with both practitioners and stakeholders in his field. In 2017, he was a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement at the University of Bradford.

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