Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom

From his book of the same name, Andrew Duff focusses on the complex geopolitics of Asia in the post-war period, explaining how Sikkim survived the end of the Empire only to be annexed by India during the shadowy Cold war in Asia in 1975. He will detail how Sikkim’s King and his sisters ran covert messages for the Americans to the Tibetan rebels in the 1950s, how the marriage of the Buddhist King to American Hope Cooke catapulted Sikkim on to the world stage, how tensions between India and China spilled over into conflict in 1965 and how Indira Gandhi annexed the Kingdom in 1975. The talk will conclude by updating the story to the present day as India’s PM Modi and the Chinese President Xi Junping look to reopen the border to tourism.

Andrew Duff is a freelance journalist, based in London and Scotland and has been a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 2011.

4 November 2015

Where: The Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1

Commences at 1.15pm

A Sandwich lunch with wine and/or soft drinks is available from 12.30pm but must be booked in advance by the previous day. £10 with wine or £7 with soft drink.

Tickets: Free. Members and their guests only

25 OCT


Report back on the Society Tour to Jordan

Where: 7.00 pm start at Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 - between Euston Station and Euston Square tube.

Tickets: Members and their guests only

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