Inflated Ambitions: Descent of the Oxus River, Afghanistan

Inflated Ambitions: In September 2015, Jonathan Rider and Edmund Le Brun made the first descent of the Oxus River in Afghanistan. At a time of increasing insecurity in Afghanistan, there are still many places left untouched by the conflict. The Source of the Oxus is located high in the mountains of the Wakhan Corridor, a strip of land sandwiched between Pakistan, China and Tajikistan. Protected by its remoteness, this pristine wilderness area is now under threat from plans to build a connecting road to China. The expedition highlights the potential for adventure tourism in Afghanistan, and opens up the possibility for further river exploration in the region. In this talk, Jonathan and Edmund will describe the trials and tribulations of expedition planning and execution in Afghanistan and provide a detailed account of their adventure. 

28 September 2016

Where: The Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1

Lecture starts at 1.15pm and ends around 2.30pm. A sandwich lunch is available from 12.30pm and must be booked via the office by 2.30pm the day before.

Tickets: Free. Members and their guests only.

27 SEP


Under the Same Shade: Three Years of Working on the Roof of the World

Where: The Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 (Nearest tube stations Euston Square and Euston mainline).

Lecture starts at 1.15pm and finishes by 2.30pm. The sandwich lunch, from 12.30pm, must be booked by 2.30pm the day before.

Tickets: Free

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