Hirohito’s War: The Pacific War 1941 – 1945

From his book of the same name, Francis Pike challenges the standard Western-centric view of one of the major events of the 20th Century. It is described as a timely look at the Japanese perspective on the conflict. Pike questions popular assumptions about the origins and causes of the war and asks whether or not the US victory was inevitable. The book shines a light on the enormous loss of life in the Pacific War both military and civilian and Pike brings to the fore the atrocities that occurred in Unit 731, a POW camp in Manchuria where Mengele style human experimentation was carried out – war crimes for which some of the perpetrators were never brought to trial.

Francis Pike is a historian, journalist and specialist in Asian economics, politics and history. He has a PhD from Cambridge and is author of Empires at War: A Short History of Modern Asia Since World War II (2009).

21 October 2015

St Peter's Church Parish Hall, Eaton Square, London SW1

Lecture commences at 7pm

Drinks and nibbles available from 6.30pm

Tickets: Free: Open to Members and their guests only

27 SEP


Under the Same Shade: Three Years of Working on the Roof of the World

Where: The Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 (Nearest tube stations Euston Square and Euston mainline).

Lecture starts at 1.15pm and finishes by 2.30pm. The sandwich lunch, from 12.30pm, must be booked by 2.30pm the day before.

Tickets: Free

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