Part of the Mall, Cawnpore, India

The Michael Stokes Postcard Collection

In 2011 a number of albums containing over 7,000 old postcards was donated to the Society. Michael Stokes, the late owner, had spent his retirement putting the collection together with a specific theme – the British soldier in India from 1900 to around the 1930s. Not a very fashionable subject perhaps, but one full of interest to military and social historians. The collection has now been catalogued on a searchable database (at the Society’s office). Churches, hospitals, barracks, railways, bridges, hotels, camps, football fields, clubs – almost everything the British Tommy would have seen during his time on the subcontinent, are here. The collection also provides a valuable record of the cantonment towns in India – Ralwalpindi, Quetta, Meerut, Agra, Nainital, Mhow and many more. Calcutta, Bombay and the North West Frontier Province have their own albums. Members and researchers are welcome to look at the albums and talk to the archivist about this fascinating and unique collection.

The Waterfall, Chakrata

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