The RSAA Travel Awards

The Royal Society for Asian Affairs Travel Awards support practical projects and research that have the potential to contribute to advances in scholarly or other public knowledge including, but not limited to, post-graduate degrees, journalism and travel writing. The awards are intended to support individual travel and may not be used for commercial purposes or to fund participation in activities arranged by another organisation.

Applicants must be aged 21-28 at the time of application. Applicants may be of any nationality but should be normally resident in the UK.

In light of the difficulties of international travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, awards are not currently being offered.


Studying Sufi culture in Pakistani Punjab

Producing a film on protecting the rights of Dukha reindeer herders in Mongolia

Documenting subsistence skills in maritime South-East Asia

Beirut: how art is being used as a tool for change in response to the troubles there

Solo travel following footsteps of K P S Menon in Baluchistan, Punjab & N Pakistan

Research into displaced Syrian & Iraqi Christian refugees going to Lebanon, Turkey & South Kurdistan

Latest Recipients

  • Katherine Crofts-Gibbons
  • Liam Devlin
  • Giovani Masara