The Royal Society for Asian Affairs invited applications from individuals aged 21-30 for an award established by The JPT Family Trust, supported by long-standing members of the Society, who have a special interest in medical science and practice in challenging environments.


The aim of the award is to encourage purposeful travel in Asia by medical students.  Applicants should submit a plan of a project involving travel in a country or countries of Asia and relating to the medical project (practice or research) and details of the area to be visited. Any part of Asia, including the Middle East, may be chosen. Plans should be costed as far as possible and should state the duration of the travel involved and how the costs will be met. The award will be made on the basis of originality, coherence, evidence of background knowledge, and the degree to which the project is likely to add to medical understanding of the area chosen and/or to benefit local people as well as the applicant. Preference will be given to projects that are linked to their academic or other speciality courses. Please see the criteria for applications attached as an Annexe to this notice.

Applicants should provide their postal address and support letters from two referees. To avoid unnecessary expense, the aim is to make the award on the basis of written submissions, which should be no more than two sides of A4 in length and should be sent both in electronic form (pdf) and in hard copy. A one-page CV including date of birth should also accompany the application. In the event that two or more submissions were deemed to be of equal worth, candidates would be called for interview in London. An acknowledgement of the application will be sent on its receipt.

The successful applicant(s) will be expected to make a presentation to the Society about the project after its completion, and to provide a photographic or other pictorial record.

The present notice refers to travel in 2018. The award will consist of up to £1,500 and two years’ gratis membership of the Society. The adjudicators have discretion to divide the award among more than one candidate if appropriate.

Applications should be sent to arrive no later than 28 February 2018 to: The Secretary, The Royal Society for Asian Affairs, 1A St Martin’s House, Polygon Road, London NW1 1QB (email:, to whom any queries should be addressed. The Society will notify the successful candidates by 15 March 2017.

See application criteria below.


Criteria for applying for the award.

12 Good reasons given for travel

  1. Awareness of cultural differences between Western & Asian systems and opportunity this provides for new thinking
  2. Interest in and understanding of host country healthcare system and challenges it faces
  3. Focus on a problem relevant to needs of host country
  4. Originality & novelty of idea, ie work of applicant rather than institution
  5. Clear description of project objectives and question(s) to be answered
  6. Choice of method appropriate, realistic and with likelihood of success
  7. Knowledge of relevant data handling techniques
  8. Use of technology matches healthcare system being visited
  9. Sensible planning, budgeting & organisation
  10. Good use of contacts and sponsoring organisation to enable project to succeed
  11. Explains how results of project will be fed back and to whom
  12. Identify benefits of project to individual, learning objectives


Plus  CV evidence of initiative, achievement & work with others



Applicants are advised that the Award Committee will be looking to see how each applicant has included each of the above 12 criteria in their application and will be awarding marks 1-5 on applications for each of the 12 criteria. It is therefore important that these are all covered in applications if they are to be successful.


Hover over a recipients name to view more details about their projects.

  • 2018Ben Sun

    Name: Ben Sun

    Year: 2018

  • 2018Rathin Pujari

    Name: Rathin Pujari

    Year: 2018

  • 2018Roshni Mansfield

    Name: Roshni Mansfield

    Year: 2018

  • 2018Michael Gach

    Name: Michael Gach

    Year: 2018

  • 2018Haamed Al Hassan

    Name: Haamed Al Hassan

    Year: 2018

  • 2017Thomas Bennett

    Name: Thomas Bennett

    Year: 2017

    India: Travel to Ladakh and Himalayas with Himalayan Health Exchange (HHE) to improve local well-being through public health strategies and primary care clinics.

  • 2017Timothy Seers

    Name: Timothy Seers

    Year: 2017

    Cambodia: To undertake a research project in malaria control

  • 2017Catherine Hsu

    Name: Catherine Hsu

    Year: 2017

    Vietnam & Taiwan: A four-week placement at the Ho Chi Minh Hospital for Infectious Diseases (HTD) and a three-week placement in the oncology department at the National Taiwan University Hospital

  • 2017Esther Park

    Name: Esther Park

    Year: 2017

    Pakistan: To explore systemic health-care issues alongside the culture and religion and how they all interact with one another. To find out the strengths and limitations of foreigner-led charity medical services and what difference such services can make to the women of the society, who are often reckoned as second-class citizens due to cultural or religious reasons.

  • 2017Fatima Junaid

    Name: Fatima Junaid

    Year: 2017

    Jordan: to observe and describe the provision of palliative care in the Middle East

  • 2016Arani Vivekanantham

    Name: Arani Vivekanantham

    Year: 2016

    India: Clinical and Research Placement at Christian Medical College, Vellore

  • 2016Naa Akle Dromo Okantey

    Name: Naa Akle Dromo Okantey

    Year: 2016

    India: Study into sex workers healthcare in Maharashtra

  • 2016Kasha Rogers-Smith

    Name: Kasha Rogers-Smith

    Year: 2016

    India: Conduct a survey of pre-hospital care received by spinal cord injured patients in a specialist spinal hospital in New Delhi

  • 2016Ali Rezaei Haddad

    Name: Ali Rezaei Haddad

    Year: 2016

    Iran: The Influence of Iranian Lifestyle and History on the Prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis

  • 2015Tarquin Bertram

    Name: Tarquin Bertram

    Year: 2015

    Nepal: Explore the differences in healthcare needs and provision across the varied landscape of Nepal

  • 2015Valmir Selimi

    Name: Valmir Selimi

    Year: 2015

    Cambodia: Attend the Cambodia Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC) to view and experience a range of surgical procedures

  • 2015Cara Ann Mason

    Name: Cara Ann Mason

    Year: 2015

    Mongolia: Evaluation of the effect of medical education

  • 2015Amber Barthorpe

    Name: Amber Barthorpe

    Year: 2015

    Japan: Comparing the characteristics of Japanese suicide and British suicide attempters from comparable tertiary healthcare centres of all ages

  • 2013Mr Muhammed Syahmi Roslan

    Name: Mr Muhammed Syahmi Roslan

    Year: 2013

    Malaysia: Confusion: prevalence of dementia, delirium, depression and anxiety in hospital elderly, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

  • 2013Ms Tianying Zhang

    Name: Ms Tianying Zhang

    Year: 2013

    Vietnam: Adult & paediatric infectious diseases: research into Klebsiella pneumoniae oropharyngeal carriage in rural and urban populations.

  • 2013Ms Jennifer Dodds

    Name: Ms Jennifer Dodds

    Year: 2013

    India: Qualitative survey re reasons of early removal of copper interuterine devices amongst Adivas women in Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • 2013Ms Jennifer Myo

    Name: Ms Jennifer Myo

    Year: 2013

    Cambodia: Demographic health survey of Katchcam Village, Lumphat District, Ratakiri, Cambodia.

  • 2013Ms Frances Yarlett

    Name: Ms Frances Yarlett

    Year: 2013

    Cambodia: Demographic health survey of Katchcam Village, Lumphat District, Ratakiri, Cambodia.

  • 2012Ms Michelle Wilmott

    Name: Ms Michelle Wilmott

    Year: 2012

    Various: joint project comparing end-of-life care in widely differing countries and situations

  • 2012Mr Arjun Kingdon

    Name: Mr Arjun Kingdon

    Year: 2012

    Various: joint project comparing end-of-life care in widely differing countries and situations

  • 2012Ms Sonia Sharma

    Name: Ms Sonia Sharma

    Year: 2012

    Malaysia: study of the helminth carriage in children living in rural villages in Sarawak

  • 2012Ms Lucy Loong

    Name: Ms Lucy Loong

    Year: 2012

    Various: to gain insight into how healthcare & conservation can work synergistically for local healthcare.

JPT Family Trust Medical Science Award for 2018


2018 recipients: Haamed Al Hassan, Michael Gach, Roshni Mansfieldl, Rathin Pujari and Ben Sun
Job title:
Medical Students

Haamed Al Hassan for ophthalmology in the Palestinian occupied territories.

Michael Gach for anti-microbial prescribing in Indonesia

Roshni Mansfield for Paediatric Surgery in Bhutan

Rathin Pujari for diabetic retinopathy in India

Ben Sun for differences between Chinese and UK healthcare systems

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