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Travel Awards 2024

Travel Awards 2024

We are very pleased to have been able, thanks to a generous donation, to reinstate the RSAA Travel Awards this year, following a three year, COVID-instigated, suspension. We had a strong field of applicants and are delighted to announce that we have made awards to four young researchers.  They are:

Yi-Ting Chang, studying the role of space exploration in East Asian geo-politics, particularly Taiwan

Xueqing Zhang, studying Kurdish-language education in Erbil

Julius Kochan, studying the interaction of Mongolian, Chinese and Russian identities and the legacies of Russian colonialism in current-day Inner Mongolia

Mengyuan Tian, studying the interplay between technology and the state in contemporary China and the prevalence of online religious worship since the COVID pandemic

Helping young people with a passionate interest in Asia is at the heart of the RSAA’s mission.  We congratulate them all and look forward to the results of their research.

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