The Royal Society for Asian Affairs (RSAA) exists as an educational charity to promote greater knowledge and understanding of Central Asia and countries from the Middle East to Japan.   The Society hosts lectures and encourages debate on a wide variety of topics, from political history and current affairs, military affairs, culture, literature and the arts, exploration and the environment.

To achieve its objectives, the Society seeks to provide a balanced programme of activities and publications which, while not neglecting the past, gives a span of opportunities for members to keep up-to-date with developments in Asian countries and for discussions on a broad and diverse range of topics of common interest to Asia and the West.

Our objectives are:

  • to promote learning and advance education in the subject of, and with regard to, all the countries of Asia;
  • to create environments conducive to the objectives of the Society;
  • to conserve all of the Society’s valuable archives, photographic and written;
  • to develop all kinds of channels for the wider knowledge and understanding of the Society’s heritage and current Activities.

The Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation no 1179300).