Nepal: An Incomplete Peace

A description of the agonisingly slow peace process in Nepal as the Maoists wrestle with the unfamiliar demands of parliamentary democracy and they and the competing political parties try to build upon the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed in November 2006. But the promised constitution has yet to be promulgated. So where did things go off track? Perhaps at the 2008 elections, from which the Maoists emerged as the party with the most seats in the new Constituent Assembly, but also because of the complete impasse in integrating the Maoist fighters into the Nepalese Army. And then there is the lack of progress on human rights/ national reconciliation. Securing effective economic development is the key to Nepal’s problems. This is a challenge for India and China, as well as for the rest of the international donor community. But above all it is a challenge for Nepal’s politicians.

14 JAN


Lecture: ‘Flora of the Silk Road’

Where: St. Peter’s Parish Church Hall, Eaton Square, London SW1
[Entrance at the back left-hand side of the church. The Hall is on the second floor]

Commences at 7pm

Wine, soft drinks and nibbles available from 6.15pm

Tickets: Members and their guests only. Free

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